The full list of the evaluation factors coded by category Evaluation
factors categories
  F: Fundamental   I: Implementing   A:
Cat. Nb. Short definition
F 1 Vendor Relationship in the Code of Ethics
F 2 Explicit and comprehensive policies for sustainable procurement
F 3 Commitments and sustainability goals
I 3-s1 Definition of the sustainability critical factors
I 3-s2 The " Tableau de Bord " for purchases includes sustainability
F 4 Publication of data and KPI
I 4-s1 Measurement frequency for sustainability KPIs
A 5 A qualified organizational approach to sustainability
I 5-s1 Top Management Leadership for Supply Chain Sustainability
I 5-s2 The staff of the purchasing department are aware of the business reasons for sustainability
I 5-s3 Resources Dedicated to Sustainable Procurement
I 5-s4 Collaboration of the purchasing department with the other ones for holistic sustainability
A 6 Risk Analysis of Supply Chain Sustainability
I 6-s1 The sustainability also limits the impact on the local culture of the supplying countries
A 7 Sustainability clauses included in the contracts
A 8 Fulfilling the commitments made to suppliers and other initiatives to support them facing the crisis
A 9 Sustainability as a Value Opportunity
I 9-s1 Suppliers' Sustainability supporting the competitive initiatives
P 10 Evaluation of suppliers according to criteria of sustainability
I 10-s1 Ranking sustainability of the suppliers and/or raw materials
P 11 Selection of suppliers according to criteria of sustainability
I 11-s1 Certifications related to sustainability of suppliers and raw materials
I 11-s2 Negotiation of the sustainability objectives in supply contracts
I 11-s3 Suppliers' segmentation and mapping basing on sustainability
P 12 Incentives for suppliers with sustainability policies
P 13 Plan of continuous improvement for sustainable procurement
P 14 Suppliers' specific audits are carried out
I 14-s1 Corrective action plans and roadmaps for non-compliance with sustainability policies
P 15 Engagement of suppliers through meetings , website/portal and social networks?
P 16 Rating of the supply chain basing on C2C
P 17 Sustainability evaluation of second and third level suppliers
P 18 Buying Process oriented to sustainability in all its phases and milestones
P 19 Optimizing processes associated with procurement and logistics