The Sustainable Supply Chain Review

Acquisti & Sostenibilità is publishing every year, since 2007, a unique and specific Sustainable Supply Chain Review (SSCR), dedicated to detect the sustainability practices in the supply chain from the CSR/Sustainability Reports and other public information sources of the European companies.

The statistical and comparative analysis is enriched and integrated with a variety of information and resources. These resources help to understand the emerged findings and support an effective design and implementation of supply chain sustainability for each specific company, taking some cues from the suggested best practices.

The Review Scope

The Italian companies that publish a Sustainability or CSR Report, which are listed at the Italian Stock Exchange index "FTSE IT All Share".
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A sample of other Italian companies and Italian branches of multinational companies, selected by Acquisti & Sostenibilità, with a significant business size or well representative of the public and private Italian entrepreneurship.
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The European companies* that publish a Sustainability or CSR Report.
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A selection of the rest of the world companies*, selected by Acquisti & Sostenibilità with a significant business size and/or well representative of international market.
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(*) Only English language reports are considered.
(**) Review deadline is the 31st of August.

Methodology and data collection

The SSCR’s target is the detection of the diffusion and quality level of information relating to the sustainability of the supply chain within the following means of communication and reporting:

  • Annual Report (for the information of an economic nature) ;
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct (for the principles and values ​​that inspire the business ethics);
  • CSR report (sustainability, social and corporate responsibility reports, integrated, etc.);
  • Sustainability sections of Web sites and available resources (policy, guideline, awards, etc);
  • Suppliers portals (public sections).

We collect and compare on a statistical basis a number of parameters related to: the sustainability of the procurement process, the management of the relationship with the suppliers and the selection and management of raw materials and services. At the same time we propose a benchmark of good practice selected among the most interesting and innovative international examples.

Since 2013 the SSCR had been focused on the 76 Italian companies that had published their sustainability report and that were included in the index "FTSE IT All Share". From 2014 we have extended the analysis adding European companies and a selection of "rest of the world" companies.

The main SSCR objectives are:

  • Evaluate in general, through immediate and easy to read indicators, the progress done on the comprehensive management of the supply chain’s sustainability, including its reporting and disclosure;
  • Identify and report the best practices that were put in place by the most important companies in the various sectors at the Italian and international level;
  • Benchmark companies across their disclosed positioning.

The evaluation factors

The number of evaluation factors used is 33, in order to accurately assess the various aspects which we use to assign a rating to the "maturity" level of the supply chain sustainability, classifying them into four categories of decreasing importance: Fundamental (F), Qualifying (A), Procedural (P) and Implementing (I) .

The factors’ identification and review was done involving some experts from the Board of Acquisti & Sostenibilità and is derived from several sources, including for example: the BSI standard BS8903 "Principles and framework for procuring sustainability" (under ISO extension), and the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) supply chain related indicators, not only those available in version G3/3.1 but also those added in the new version G4, the Global Compact-UN and ISO26000.

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SSCR Committee

The final evaluation and approval of SSCR results are conducted by a judging panel formed by the following members:

  • Donato Toppeta, SSCR Manager / PM ICT & Innovation, Acquisti & Sostenibilità
  • Luca Guzzabocca, Chairman, Acquisti & Sostenibilità
  • Angelo Spina, co-Chairman, Acquisti & Sostenibilità
  • Antonina Realmuto, PM Fashion and Luxury, Acquisti & Sostenibilità

A verified methodology

IMQ (Italian Institute for the Quality Mark), Italy's most important certification body, has independently validated the SSCR’s methodology and has verified a few samples of the performed evaluations.

The validation considers:

  • The scope of the SSCR analysis, including the criteria used to identify the Italian companies and the referenced sources;
  • The evaluation criteria including all the measured factors and their relative weights;
  • The generation process for the scores and the results.

The check is conducted in order to verify the exhaustive documentation and the correct application of the analysis’s methodology and it includes the independent comparative evaluation of a few companies randomly selected by IMQ.

Output and Benefits for Companies

The SSCR primary purpose is to help those organizations, managers and businessmen, that are partners of Acquisti & Sostenibilità, and more in general the European market, in the adoption of processes, technological innovations and organizational practices that facilitate an increase in the maturity level of the supply chain sustainability. In fact it makes easier to identify, through the comparison with an increasingly competitive market, some growth opportunities, that are related to increased efficiency across the whole life cycle of products and services, by leveraging the result of collaboration with suppliers and other stakeholders as a practice for competitive, long term advantage.

Through the network of Acquisti & Sostenibilità, and with the support of Proserpina Business Service (our strategic consultancy partner), we propose to our partners the opportunity to define customized support services, in order to:

  • further assess the competitive position of their companies on the topics covered by SSCR;
  • define ad hoc policies or actions for the sustainability promotion, through the leverage effect of the procurement;
  • identify and support the implementation of proposed changes and optimization in the procurement processes and other related business processes.

The format

In order to limit the environmental impact, we will print only the SSCR (on PEFC/FSC recycled paper) in a limited number of copies, that will be made available to the attendees of the launch event. The electronic version will be published online on the Acquisti & Sostenibilità web site, in the reserved area for members of Acquisti & Sostenibilità.

Support the SSCR

If you want to support the SSCR and/or its presentation at the annual public event, through a financial contribution and/or others sponsorship actions, you can get more information by contacting: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.